Some advanced feedback for Eric Zaccar's screenplay,



Very Powerful and Engaging!

Amy Coleman:  Actress, Rock-Blues Singer


The screenplay is a work of art. It's thoughtful, funny, inquisitive, impassioned!

Sophia Ziburtovicz: Designer, Photographer, Theater & Film Producer


Without Hate is an original, poignant, heartbreaking look at our justice system, with fast-paced action, riveting court-room confrontations, and in-depth character development.  I was deeply moved by the narrator's incisive and compassionate voice, a kind of guiding light that illuminates the central moral dilemmas, and the way human lives can be profoundly and irrevocably changed!

Anna Fishbeyn: Playwright


I LOVED it!  A very compelling and tragic story that is likely to reopen many wounds and stir up some heated debates!

F. Shore: Casting Agent & Talent Manager


Without Hate is without doubt one of the more interesting and nuanced trial dramas I have read, plucked from the headlines but affording a compelling behind-the-scenes look at one juror's personal struggle to arrive at a 'just' result in the confines of unjust circumstances and to live with himself afterward.  Bravo, Eric, for tackling this divisive issue and asking the hard questions about Hate Crime laws, intentions, results and justice.  I look forward to seeing the film.

Deena R. Merlen, Entertainment Attorney, Reavis Parent Lehrer LLP


A very talented script, more timely now than ever.

Don Buchwald: Agent & Owner of Buchwald & Associates


Very powerful!   It stays with you for a long time! 

Caroline Sinclair: Casting Director


The script is so good. I love your dialogue and the way you visualize the scenes. It's moving, funny at times, thought provoking, poignant, suspenseful and heartbreaking, controversial... You've covered a lot of territory. Very powerful.

J. Krause:  Actress


I just finished reading the script and it's very, very special Eric, as I'm sure you know!

Jenn London: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Designer


I thought your screenplay was one of the best I've ever read. Not only did the words leap off the page, but you created characters I cared so much about that I could not put your script down til I got to the last word. And from start to finish, you continued to weave stories that were so multi-faceted you kept my interest piqued at every single plot point.

Like most writers, I never like anyone else's work as much as my own, but your script blew me away!  I can't wait to see your vision realized on the big screen where it belongs!

Meredith Post, Award Winning Television Writer & Playwright


What a great script!  Very intense and funny and Brooklyn.  It's a Brooklyn Tale!

Amy Adler: Playwright & Web Series Writer


That is an absolutely amazing script....   I'm still at the WOW stage as I just finished it! It's such a moving story.  It's written beautifully! It took a bit to get into it because of all the names, locations etc but once you're there it's impossible to stop reading.  It's fantastic!

Virginia Cook: Costume Designer


WOW!! GREAT SCRIPT!!!! Couldn’t put it down!  I think it is well written, deeply moving and  poignant, with a strong message...sad as it is.


---Unbelievable...the human injustices that happen  daily all over the world!  Eric, you would make a great  lawyer...or judge! I can hear you saying your lines with all your fervor!

Kathleen Gati: Actress


I read  the script yesterday and I think its GREAT!  I'm not just saying that, I  actually really enjoyed it and this doesn't happen often!  I couldn’t wait to find  out what happens in the end.  I'm usually not a fan of the court room drama,  but one of my favorite films is 12 Angry Men and this really reminds me of  that.  After I read it I had to look up the Hate Crime laws to see if they still existed.  I truly want to be a part of helping make this film.

Sheri Davani: Producer & Assistant Director


Once I started reading and getting into it, I couldn't put it down!

It is a tragic, despicable waste of life!  When political power obscures common sense we are indeed a nation in trouble!  This is a real tragedy!

N. Wolf: Journalist


Without Hate cleverly shows the gray side of a true story that on the surface seems to be black and white.  Eric does a great job of communicating what the circumstances were and shines a light on the darker side of our legal system. Great read!

Lynda Mota: Film Producer


I really liked the script!   It's kind of mind blowing!  Good job, Man!

M. Turgeon: Noted Manhattan & Global Artist


This is a story that needs to be witnessed. It takes a sensitive and direct view of a difficult topic. The suspense builds to a marvelous crescendo. It leaves you questioning your own values!

Janet Berkowitz: Mime, Acting Teacher


This is going to be big!  The subplots, the political ramifications, the contemporary twists!  It's all perfect!

Burt Allan: Disk Jockey & Radio Personality


Amazing!!!!!!!  I loved it! You are soooo talented!

Monika Paszkiewicz Sitinas: International Model


Without Hate was a pleasure to read, and once I started I couldn't put it down.

...I loved it! I'm a fan of crime dramas, and Without Hate was a perfect example of the genre. The characters were extremely well formed and likable.

...I thank you for sharing it with me.  

Julia Levy: Writer, Producer, Actress


 I love the humor that you inject into the script, important to any heavy story.  It's an exciting, well-written screenplay that
unfolds the story of a tragedy that ruined a number of lives.

Jillie Simon:  Actress, Singer, Songwriter


I just finished your masterful work, Eric.  I am not a critic-just a person with all passions and emotions, likes, dislikes.  I believe in truth and justice.  I have served on juries-but never one such as this.  You have honored me in letting me read your work.  I could not stop until the very end.  Based on a true horror of these people, you brought to life each character, I could envision every nuance, all the anger, the pain, the politics and your very hard conflicts throughout.  I spoke to the characters, to myself, to the Judge-everyone who played a role.  It was, rather is, so worthy of public attention on any size screen.  I thank you, once again for sharing this work with me. 

No justice was served. I did not believe any would be, as I read on-but a new verdict from an up and coming eager Judge.  The tragedy is that justice is so often not served, and the regular Joes or Janes take the hits-while the more powerful are released from any wrong doing.  It is a fact of life in our country-a very sad fact of life.  All the twists and turns-arguing back and forth-only to be pawns, if I may say so, in the Judicial System.  Someone such as yourself, with scruples and a tremendous need to see justice reign-well, you must have been through hell for all that time.  To say nothing about those guys and their  families.

I am so alive with actually having put myself into these scenarios-the words still keep jumping off of the pages into my mind.  It is like I want to dive into some form of justice that I can be part of, Eric.

BRAVO, my friend, bravo!

Susan Gillule:  Non-Critic


Your screenplay is awesome!  You really have a way of putting emotion in it.  It affected me so much on a subtle yet powerful level.  Good job!

Anne Ohana: Actress, Singer, Songwriter


Excellent juxtaposition of court scenes and crime scene during the climax. Extremely authentic and blunt view of this high profile, controversial case!

P.S. Garber: Acting Coach


Without Hate is a poignant story that needs to be told. This is an intelligent, gripping script with masterfully written dialogue.  It will make you ponder the real life events for days.

Kudos to Eric Zaccar for writing a screenplay that is better than 97% of all movies out there today.  Oscars will certainly be on the way!

Magical, Musical Marion: Actress & Children's Party Entertainer


Wow!  Oh my (gulp)!  It's amazing!

Very noir!  I love the notion of bringing out that whole old-school Brooklyn almost Bowery Boys/Our Gang kinda feel into the present day.  Now, exactly which generation of old-school does that moniker belong to??!   All of them, in this case and makes the story timeless, in that way!

Often, the backing and forthing in scripts confuses me, but here it reads like an accurate description of how memory and imagination work.  It is very vivid and captivating!

I was a little cynical as I started reading, about the writer placing himself as the fulcrum almost, to the story, but I think he did a great job. As a writer, he was both opinionated and detached and I don't think he tried to make his the only voice of reason.  I think it does a good job of being very 3D in its judgments and opinions.

Makes me think that there needs to be a better formula/environment for jurors to make their decisions in! You saw that in 12 Angry Men, also:  That messy, perhaps never to be
resolved discussion of there always seeming to have to be a choice between the individual good and the greater good.

Great script! Thank you for letting me read it!

Dara Wishingrad: Production Designer


As a work of literature/art, I enjoyed it very much... 

...I found myself enlightened, informed, sad, angry and, semi-hopeful that wrong can be righted.  And, if not righted, at least called attention to, to prevent similar travesties/tragedies...

  ...As a kind of apologia it is even more of a success.  Your passion to try to make things right runs thru the heart of this work...

 ...I could really see the movie play out in my head as I was reading.  It kind of reminded me a little of Sleepers, the movie about the basically good kids who did something stupid and got sent away... 

...Your script is a moving, fitting tribute to the dead man and, hopefully, a cautionary tale for others! 

Colleen Cahill: Patron of the Arts


And of course, even the most extraordinary art has it's detractors, though honestly, this is the worst we've heard, so far:



A GREAT story, but you love it too much!  Step away from it!


John Ventimiglia, Renowned Television, Film & Broadway Actor




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