Sophia Ziburtovicz has had a diverse and multi-faceted career that has taken many turns and has inevitably led her into the intriguing world of film production.

As a professional dancer, she studied with Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Murray Lewis and Richard Thomas, and she performed with the La Donna Mabry company.

In her more corporate days, Sophia spent many years designing and developing computer applications for New York Consulting Partners, a high powered agency with a long list of Fortune 500 clients, and McKinsey and Company, a multi-billion dollar worldwide consulting firm. 

As a dabbling theater producer, Sophia helped to stage PERCEPTIONS, DREAMS AND MYSTIFYING THEMES, THE ASSASSINATION THAT SAVED JOHN'S PIZZERIA, I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL, and both the theatrical and video productions of Eric Zaccar's STARR'S ON BROADWAY.  She is currently co-producing EMPTY SKYLINE, a CD of 9-11 related music that will be donated to the three gift shops at the September 11th Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center.

One of her first ventures into professional photography was for the wedding of a New York Times featured couple of the week.   As a later in life creative art photographer, Sophia has been featured in numerous gallery shows.

As a website designer, Sophia's clients have included theatrical producers, international charities and party planning companies.

In the field of miscellaneous, Sophia's been everything from an event coordinator to a featured guest at one of Tiny Tim's final live performances. 

Sophia's been enthusiastic about WITHOUT HATE from the very beginning, she was a part of the first producer's table reading, she helped to put together the initial financing and WGA contracts, and she's looking forward to seeing her name up on the big screen.



Lulu Schtroogenhagen